Our Story

Our Story

Hi, We’re Dr. Louisa & Dr. Kristin

We’re two pediatrician moms passionate about high-quality, science-based natural remedies for our kids—and yours.

The inspiration for ZenOsa started in the most natural place possible—in our medical offices talking with parents of sick kids. The question we most often heard was, “Are there safe and natural alternatives that will help my child feel better?”

As pediatricians, we knew that the answer was an emphatic Yes!

Not only does research support the efficacy of select natural remedies for children, but as moms we’ve witnessed their success with our own children.

And so ZenOsa was born. Each product is research-backed and safe for use with children. We know because ZenOsa is our first choice, too.

Meet Doctors Louisa and Kristin

Dr. Kristin and Dr. Louisa, Stanford and Tufts trained pediatricians, share a passion for preventive, holistic and evidence-based medicine.

They practice the full scope of General Pediatrics at a Critical Access Hospital and Rural Health Clinic.

They have four littles of their own between the two of them and in their free time can be found playing outdoors with their families in their beautiful mountain backyard of the Eastern Sierra mountains of California.