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  1. RM

    my 2.5 year old loves her new medicine and slept so much better (no coughing) after a few doses during the day!! thank you!

  2. SR

    This product came along at exactly the right time! My son just started daycare so of course he immediately got sick, his first illness ever and it was so hard hearing his sad cough! The first night after we gave him the baby cough syrup, he slept so much better and woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning. Plus he loved the taste (even though he hates a syringe!) and it wasn’t gross, colored or too sticky so we didn’t ruin an outfit giving it to him. Can’t wait for more products from ZenOsa!

  3. AK

    This cough syrup came out at the perfect time! We were a couple weeks into our never ending cold/cough and this saved the day! Once we got this in baby boy, it was the first night he didn’t wake up coughing in weeks! A must have during cold season

  4. J

    Really happy with this product! My son took it easily without a fuss and seemed to like it. I tried it and really like that it’s not super sweet like most baby medicines…it’s just sweet enough. I will purchase again!

  5. BB

    Love that all the ingredients are organic and that there are no dyes or artificial flavors. My son loved it! Finally an evidence based baby medicine. And yay for pediatricians making baby products!